Church Tug-a-War

St Peter's Church was built at Rastadt Colony in 1903 at the urging of the very devout families from the region. Father Zerbach from Vibank took leadership in the building of St Peter's Church. The dispute about the location of the church, whether to be at Kathrinthal or Rastadt was finally settled by a vote which was approved by Archbishop Langvin, who said, "Quod scripsi, scripsi"(What I have written remains written.) Finally in 1916, Father H. Metzger became the first permanent, resident pastor of St Peter's Church under the condition that the current church debt of $1200 dollars be settled without delay. A tithe of $25 was collected from each family and Father Metzger took this to Regina the very next day! The parish of St Peter's Kronau became a reality.

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Home Sweet Home

Without wasting a breath, Father Metzger immediately drew up plans to build a rectory. The estimate of $3000 was again covered by a family tithe of $65 dollars. Construction was completed in 1916. In the interim the faithful pastor travelled by horse and buggy from Josephstal. Twenty- six years after the arrival of the first settlers, through their fierce perseverance and faith, they had managed to build a small but enthusiastic parish equipped with all the necessary buildings.

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Later History

St Peter's Parish remained vibrant and strong in the ensuing years since it became a reality. In keeping with Vatican II, and with the encouragement of Father Cels the first parish council was formed in 1967.

The School of Religion was also founded shortly afterwards. Classes led by teachers and parents were held on weekends. The people of this community were independent and self-reliant. They continued to serve the diocese with the annual pilgrimage. The parish was always recognized for its vibrant community and lively faith.

Early in 1973, the pastor Father Ken Miller, now a Monsignor, led the parish council to discern the possibility of a family renting the rectory with the condition that he was to retain one bedroom and an office.

There are many buildings still within St Peter's Colony that are original to the early settlement years.

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Saint Peter's Heritage Society

When St Peter's Parish was officially closed, a small number of parishioners were concerned about the continuance of the annual Pilgrimage and the possible decline of the church and grotto without special efforts in their maintenance. Interested persons came together to form the group with Father Dan Rafael's blessing, to preserve and restore this sacred site. To this end, the RM of Lajord designated the church, grotto and cemeteries as a Heritage site. St Peter's Heritage Society Inc. was formed providing the legal structure to facilitate the continuance and maintenance of this holy place. St Peter's Church is now a chapel that can be used for religious services.

In the spirit of the elders and forefathers who rest in our four cemeteries, we go forward in faith and hope that our small efforts will be blessed by generations to come. May Our Lady continue to oversee and pray for all the pilgrims and many visitors that come to our grotto and church.