2017 Pilgrimage Announcement

The 100th Annual Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes Pilgrimage will be held on Saturday August 12th, and Sunday August 13, 2017. Please click on the 100th Anniversary Pilgrimage Schedule for events and times. The location is at the Grotto in St Peter's Colony, near Kronau, Saskatchewan. For a google map, please look on the bottom of this page. We also have detailed directions on our Contact Page.

For churches or other groups who may be interested, please click on the poster below and feel free to share by either posting or sending via email.


The Most Reverend Donald Bolen: on Pilgrimage

Our Christian life is a quest for God, and hopefully, a journey towards God's kingdom. In the Christian tradition we have long given external expression to this lifelong pilgrimage by making pilgrimages to holy places, places where God's presence has been felt, where the Holy One has come to encounter us.  We do so because of the incarnational character of our faith: because in Jesus Christ, God has come to where we are, become who we are, making our world holy.  

In our day and age, when in many ways we are distanced from our roots and our faith sometimes seems as though it stands on shaky ground, it is more important than ever to give tangible expression to our quest for God by upholding the tradition of going on pilgrimage. 

In 'Little Gidding', the last of T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets, he writes:       'You are not here to verify,       Instruct yourself, or inform curiosity       Or carry report. You are here to kneel       Where prayer has been valid.' This is what we do when we go on pilgrimage: we go to places where we can worship God, places where God has spoken to our ancestors and promises to speak to us too: places where prayer has been valid. 

The St Peter's Heritage Soceity sends our warmest thanks to the Most Reverend, Donald Bolen, Bishop of Saskatoon for his enlightening and encouraging words on pilgrimage.