The History of Rastadt School

The school district of Rastadt was formed in 1897 by Russian-Germans from the area. The first classroom was in Raymond Deilschneider’s house in the winter of 1897-98.

Then the classroom was moved to Jakob Reinhardt’s small wheat granary further down the colony in1898-99.

In 1899-1912, the first school house was set up in the present home of Vincent Ignatiuk and Laura Herauf-Ignatiuk.

In 1912 -1927, a brick school house was built at the southeast end of Rastadt/St. Peter’s Colony. This building was later moved to become part of the parish hall.

In 1927, a new school house was built, just southeast of the church, where it still stands today.

From 1927-1970, the school was used to educate the children from the surrounding area.

Once the school was no longer used as the local school for the area, it became the school of religion for all the children who attended St. Peter’s Church.

In 1991(?) St. Peter’s Parish Hall closed and the school then became the gathering place for the parish community to meet and hold events.

The school is used at present for visitors to gather, as well as a place for our committee to gather on a monthly basis. Besides gathering here, it is the Heritage Society’s hope to house many of the pictures and artifacts from the site in the school as the Heritage Site’s museum.