Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is three-fold:

  • to encourage our own community and the greater community to foster an aesthetic appreciation of our site and to celebrate our treasures.
  • To preserve the buildings, artwork and craftsmanship located at the site.
  • To encourage the use of our site, particularly for activities which help to encourage and strengthen our community.

Our Formation

When St Peter’s Parish closed, a number of parishioners were concerned about the continuance of the annual pilgrimage held in August, as well as the maintenance of the church, grotto, cemetery and school. This group under the guidance and blessing of Fr. Dan Rafael would later form the St Peter’s Heritage Society Inc.

With the help of the RM of Lajord and the permission of the Archdiocese of Regina, the church, grotto and cemeteries of St Peter’s Colony have been designated as a Heritage Site. From this, the legal identity of the St Peter’s Heritage Society was formed giving the group the assurance to go forward with the maintenance and upkeep of these holy places. St Peter’s Church is now considered a chapel that can be used for religious services.

Rental Info

Donors & Volunteers

We are amazed not only with the generosity and commitment within our own group but also with the many people who have come out to help volunteer their time and talents to the preservation of this site.

If you would like to make a cash contribution for the upkeep and maintenance of the Site, kindly make your cheque payable to the "St Peter's Heritage Society."

Mailing Info


Our organization is run entirely by volunteers. If you would like to contact us please send us an email or a letter. We will be happy to get back to you.


Finding The Sites

We have included a google map at the bottom of this website to help you find the Main Site, including the Church and Shrine, in St Peter's Colony. There are detailed instructions on the Contact Page. You will note locations to each of the cemeteries on the Cemeteries Page.